Legal Translations

Roka-Translations can ensure time and cost effective translations of all types of legal and commercial documentation which are not only technically accurate, but which also take into account the context of the document so as to ensure total coherence.


General Translations

The founder of Roka-Translations, Robina Kaye, has lived and worked in both France and the UK for many years. As a result, Roka-Translations can provide translations of anything from a private rental agreement, a press release, a birth certificate or a letter to the administrative authorities.


It is essential that a document presents perfectly from a formatting and grammatical perspective so as to ensure that the message of the document itself is not hidden behind typing errors or formatting mishaps. Roka-Translations can be the fresh pair of eyes required to allow you to present top quality documents from a both a drafting content and presentation perspective.


Why choose Roka-Translations?

Robina Kaye, founder and director of Roka-Translations, is totally bi-lingual French/English and as a result, has spent the majority of her career juggling legal work proper and translation/interpretation services whether in respect of legal and commercial documentation or in a client meeting with sponsors, financial institutions and Government officials alike, in a whole host of practice areas, including in particular:

– Natural resources – oil and gas, mining and renewables, e.g. licence applications, Bankable Feasibility   Studies, PSCs, JOAs, due diligence reports etc;
– Project finance, e.g. direct agreements, credit documentation, off-take agreements, government investment agreements etc;
– Corporate and commercial, e.g. shareholders’ agreements, articles of association, board minutes, NDAs, rental agreements, MOUs, JV agreements, share sale and purchase agreements etc; and
– Dispute resolution, e.g. submissions, discovery, claims, arbitral tribunal and national court decisions.

As a result, at highly competitive rates, not only does Roka-Translations provide translations which are correct from a linguistic perspective, but by using our knowledge of the legal/commercial/business context, we can ensure that the translation accurately reflects such context with the added attention to detail which all top-tier lawyers inherit through their training.